Course Overview

The Fairways Golf Course offers something for all skill levels. With our outstanding course and club features, we’ve hosted numerous professional and collegiate tournaments, so we are competition-tested and a worthy challenge for elite players. But The Fairways also has a thriving junior club and set of forward tees that remove most of the trouble for inexperienced golfers or those who can’t carry the ball long distances.

The course is best known for our excellent greens that putt quick and true. Putts that get started in the right direction tend to hold their line and typically go in.

Hole No. 1

352-yard, par 4

Men's Blue362 yds
Men's White352 yds
Men's Par4
Men's Handicap4
Ladies' Red282 yds
Ladies' Par4
Women's Handicap8

Hole No. 2

360-yard, par 4

Men's Blue368 yds
Men's White360 yds
Men's Par4
Men's Handicap10
Ladies' Red306 yds
Ladies' Par4
Women's Handicap4

Hole No. 3

463-yard, par 5

Men's Blue515 yds
Men's White463 yds
Men's Par5
Men's Handicap14
Ladies' Red405 yds
Ladies' Par5
Women's Handicap16

Hole No. 4

137-yard, par 3

Men's Blue146 yds
Men's White137 yds
Men's Par3
Men's Handicap16
Ladies' Red127 yds
Ladies' Par3
Women's Handicap18

Hole No. 5

515-yard, par 5

Men's Blue527 yds
Men's White515 yds
Men's Par5
Men's Handicap6
Ladies' Red424 yds
Ladies' Par5
Women's Handicap14

Hole No. 6

363-yard, par 4

Men's Blue383 yds
Men's White363 yds
Men's Par4
Men's Handicap12
Ladies' Red148 yds
Ladies' Par3
Women's Handicap10

Hole No. 7

167-yard, par 3

Men's Blue171 yds
Men's White167 yds
Men's Par3
Men's Handicap2
Ladies' Red148 yds
Ladies' Par3
Women's Handicap12

Hole No. 8

357-yard, par 3

Men's Blue372 yds
Men's White357 yds
Men's Par4
Men's Handicap18
Ladies' Red280 yds
Ladies' Par4
Women's Handicap6

Hole No. 9

357-yard, par 3

Men's Blue389 yds
Men's White376 yds
Men's Par4
Men's Handicap8
Ladies' Red304 yds
Ladies' Par4
Women's Handicap2

Hole No. 10

360-yard, par 4

Men's Blue370 yds
Men's White360 yds
Men's Par4
Men's Handicap13
Ladies' Red320 yds
Ladies' Par4
Women's Handicap9

Hole No. 11

330-yard, par 4

Men's Blue343 yds
Men's White330 yds
Men's Par4
Men's Handicap11
Ladies' Red276 yds
Ladies' Par4
Women's Handicap15

Hole No. 12

536-yard, par 5

Men's Blue551 yds
Men's White536 yds
Men's Par5
Men's Handicap5
Ladies' Red344 yds
Ladies' Par5
Women's Handicap3

Hole No. 13

151-yard, par 3

Men's Blue173 yds
Men's White151 yds
Men's Par3
Men's Handicap3
Ladies' Red124 yds
Ladies' Par3
Women's Handicap5

Hole No. 14

465-yard, par 5

Men's Blue513 yds
Men's White465 yds
Men's Par5
Men's Handicap17
Ladies' Red426 yds
Ladies' Par5
Women's Handicap11

Hole No. 15

380-yard, par 4

Men's Blue415 yds
Men's White380 yds
Men's Par4
Men's Handicap7
Ladies' Red347 yds
Ladies' Par3
Women's Handicap17

Hole No. 16

358-yard, par 4

Men's Blue374 yds
Men's White358 yds
Men's Par4
Men's Handicap9
Ladies' Red293 yds
Ladies' Par4
Women's Handicap13

Hole No. 17

141-yard, par 4

Men's Blue150 yds
Men's White150 yds
Men's Par3
Men's Handicap15
Ladies' Red121 yds
Ladies' Par3
Women's Handicap17

Hole No. 18

392-yard, par 4

Men's Blue419 yds
Men's White392 yds
Men's Par4
Men's Handicap1
Ladies' Red326 yds
Ladies' Par4
Women's Handicap17